Bill Gates’ Uses 30,000 Indian Girls Used as Guinea Pigs to Test Cancer Vaccine – The Results Will Shock You

In a move witnessed by the world, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, decided to give away a large portion of his fortune to poor people in Africa, India and other struggling countries.


However, the wealth given in the name of philanthropy was actually used for ‘healthcare’ in the form of vaccines in a bizarre move which ended up hurting some of the very people he had set out to help.

Question were raised in 2014 by the country’s Supreme Court about the operations of Gates’s foundation in some rural parts of India.

Concerns were raised when, in 2009 around 16,000 tribal girls aged 9-15from the Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh were given the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine that prevents cervical cancer. They were given the vaccine which is manufactured by Merck, by the state health department under the guise that they were being given “well-being” shots.

Unfortunately several months later, some of the girls’ health deteriorated and five of them died the next year. There were similar cases where two deaths were reported in Vadodara, Gujarat, where 14,000 children were also given the HPV vaccine Cervarix, which is produced by Glaxo SmithKline.

Two young girls were also hospitalized in northern Columbia around the same time, as it transpired they too had been given the vaccine.
The story escalated when Sama a visitor from NGO visited Andhra Pradesh in March 2010.

The health activists found out that over 100 girls had suffered from epileptic seizures, stomach aches, headaches and mood swings. Other complaints included early menstruation, heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps. Sama highlighted the issue that these children were being used as guinea pigs under the illusion of ‘healthcare’ and it was discovered that parents had also been left in the dark as to the implications of the vaccine, with them giving consent merely through the form of a thumbprint, as many of them were illiterate.

The American NGO, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) was in fact carrying out studies on how the cervical cancer vaccine reacted when given to young females. The shocking part? These studies by PATH were being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation considered the study a ‘success’ and also aided PATH in the study of Rotavirus vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine in Africa and Asia.
This shocking story really highlights how the lives of the poor are seen as having zero-value in a world were everything – even basic human health is ruled by money in a seemingly inescapable cycle.

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