Best Homemade Skin Masks Ever!

Many women want to wear, in these celebrations, beautiful, young and healthy skin and they can have that with homemade skin masks.

For this, they buy beauty products, at times, excessively expensive without knowing that in their house, especially in the kitchen, they can find the solution to have an enviable skin.

There are different homemade masks that can be done with fruits and vegetables that not only enhance the beauty but even nourish and moisturize the skin.

Masks for dry skin:

This type of skin has a very fine texture and small pores with a tendency to provoke a feeling of tightness especially after washing the face.

Mask of avocado:

Cut an avocado , extract the pulp and crush it until you get a creamy dough. Add a few drops of virgin olive oil. Apply to face and neck directly. Leave on for 30 minutes and after that time, remove with warm water.


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