Belly Slimming Drink That Really Works

Belly Slimming Drink That Really Works

The best natural drink for losing weight and burning belly fat made out of completely fresh ingredients is now available for your. If you aim at getting the desirable body and the perfect look, then here is an excellent solution for you.

This recipe is well designed to aid the weight loss process and at the same time to motivate you to consume the necessary amount of water. By drinking this refreshing beverage you keep your body hydrated and at the same time you keep your weight under control. It melts body fats especially those arround the stomach area.

All the ingredients are carefully chosen in order to promote weight loss, aid digestion, prevent constipation, eliminate flatulence and reduce the fat from the critical areas of your body. All these healthy foods are among the top fat burning foods and they make a perfect combination for belly slimming and melting unwanted and unnecessary pounds.

Everyone can prepare this magical drink and if you regularly consume it durning several weeks you will notice significant results and will be overwhelmed with the way you look.


  •  2-3 liters water
  • 3 lemons
  • 2 grapefruits
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lime
  • 1 cucumber
  • several fresh mint leaves
  • a thumb of ginger

Note: You can substitute the cucumber with 2-3 kiwi if you want but the maximum effect is with the cucumber recipe.

Directions for preparation: 

Cut all the citrus fruits and the cucumber, put them in the water, grate the ginger, add the mint leaves and stir everything well. Let this stay over night in the fridge and then consume it the next day every time you need water.

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