Be My Sweet Valentine Smoothie

Be my Sweet Valentine Smoothie

 On a such special day as Valentine everyone wants to feel loved and in a company of a special person. We are all humans who have the need to love. To love someone from the bottom of our heart. To love someone so that it hurts- in a positive way, of course! And to be loved in return as unrequited love is something that no one desires. Showing emotions buried deep inside is a healthy way of living so don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones what you feel.

There is no person on the planet immune to romance, so Valentine Day is gradually becoming Universal Day of Love.

We don’t only celebrate love, but we also cherish dedication, devotion,trust, sincerity, loyalty,respect  and so much more.

What matters the most on such day is paying attention to people close to our heart. By preparing some unique and unusual present we show them how much they mean to us.

Love means being happy and safe. It motivates us and encourages us to share positive energy and put smile on our face throughout the day. It further helps us show inspiration and desire for attaining impossible goals.

Red wine, bouquet of red roses, red teddy bear, heart-shaped chocolates, love letters are some of the gifts we usually give each other on such special day.

But, instead of giving the traditional red roses, you can surprise your partner by preparing this vibrant looking smoothie which has so much nutrition to offer for both of you.

Light up  the candles, turn on a romantic music, prepare the smoothie and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere in the company of  the one who deserves it. The combination of the ingredients incorporated in the smoothie has an aphrodisiac properties so feel free enough to indulge yourself it its marvelous taste.

Be in love and in good health at the same time! Cheers!

Serving Size:2


  • 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 2 oranges
  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
  • 1/2 ripen mango
  • a small beetroot piece


Grate the beetroot, and combine it together with the strawberries, pineapple and mango. At the end add the freshly squeezed orange juice and turn on the blender for several seconds until you get the most incredible drink you have ever tried.Enjoy the sweetness of its taste!

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