Be Aware, Crucial Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Colonoscopy

The colonoscopy is a test that the doctors use to look at the colon and rectum’s inner lining. They check for precancerous or cancer growths in the large intestine and they help find areas of inflammation and ulcers.

Be Aware, Crucial Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Colonoscopy
There are over 14 million people that undergo this procedure per year.
But, this procedure is dangerous and potentially fatal. According a report by The Annals of Internal Medicine, 0.5% or 70,000 people will get injured or killed because of a complication.

This procedure increases the mortality up to 57%, according to the Telemark Polyp Study I. It is proven scientifically that you can get infected by bacteria (E. Coli), mycobacterium tuberculosis, HIV, HPV, flu viruses, aeruginosa and pseudomonas, salmonella, hepatitis B and C and helicobacter pylori.

The American Cancer Society reports that up until 2009, there aren’t any prospective controlled trials of screening colonoscopy for reducing the mortality from colorectal cancer.
Colonoscopy is a scam that makes doctors and Big Pharma rich. Instead of using a safe and effective preventative measure, it is potentially invasive and deadly procedure. The radiation levels that are emitted from the colonoscopy are compared to the atomic bomb exposure in Hiroshima.

Consult a doctor about some safer screening test like computed tomographic colonoscopy, stool tests and sigmoidoscopy, in order to stay on the safe side.

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