Banana Coffee Recipe for Instant Energy in the Morning

Why don’t you start your day with instant energy boost with something new and interesting? This recipe was developed when I hesitated whether to have instant coffee in the morning or to take a ripe banana to kick start the day. So finally I had 2 in 1- my morning banana coffee for instant energy boost.

Banana Coffee Recipe for Instant Energy in the Morning

Ingredients for 1 cup of banana coffee:

1 tsp. instant coffee- I used Jacobs Velvet Coffee

1/3 cup water

1/2 ripe banana

1/2 cup milk


Put the instant coffee in a cup, and pour over the 1/3 cup water that you previously bring to a boiling point. Stir slowly. Let it cool a bit. In the meantime mix the banana and the milk with a hand blender until you get creamy thick texture. I recommend to use cold milk in order to get more delicious taste of the banana coffee. Pour the banana milk over the prepared coffee and then again stir slowly.

Note: You can use whatever milk you prefer, either cow’s milk or plant based milk.

If you have sweet tooth, add a little bit of brown sugar when you make the coffee, but that is optional because the ripe banana gives enough sweet taste to the whole recipe.

If you make this banana coffee for more people then increase the dosage of each of the ingredients.

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