Babul Benefits | Medicinal Properties of Babul

Different Names of Babul: Gum acacia, gum arabica, thorny acacia, thistle mimosa, scented thistle, barbara, vavari, karivelam, babbar, babola, babla, babur, kikar, bamura, bawal.

Helpful Parts of the Plant: Leaves, bark, units, gum, roots, tar, and wood

Babul tree is broadly found in Arabia and West Asia. In India, it develops wild in the timberlands of Punjab and parts of Rajasthan. It is known for its gum, which is produced using the solidified sap taken from the tree. It is planted for its bark, which yields the babul gum. This gum has a few different uses separated from being utilized for the treatment of wounds and for restorative purposes. Babul trees can thrive in dry and parched districts. They are medium-sized trees, achieving a normal stature of around 12 m. Babul trees discover use in family units and in addition in homesteads and fields for asylum and rummaging purposes.

Wholesome Data and Properties of Babul

Babul trees contain rough protein; over to 20% can be found in the surrenders and up to 12% is found in the eatable cases. The gum that the babul bark yields has various therapeutic properties. The babul plant comprises of mixes, for example, a dynamic androstene steroid, D-pinitol, gallic corrosive, and rutin. Babul gum additionally contains Arabic corrosive notwithstanding calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The bark and leaves of babul tree contain tannin and galic corrosive, which gives it a sharp taste.

Medical advantages and Restorative Employments of Babul

A percentage of the medical advantages and employments of babul are as recorded beneath:

  • Both the leaves and bark are broadly utilized for their capacity to control draining and disease; hence, they can be utilized on wounds, cuts, and wounds.
  • The leaves of the babul plant are utilized for the treatment a condition that causes overabundance watering of the eyes. They are likewise used to reduce redness and swelling because of conjunctivitis.
  • A decoction of babul bark eases manifestations of tonsillitis.
  • The leaves of babul tree can likewise be utilized to treat gentle loose bowels and the runs.
  • Babul leaves are utilized to set up a tonic for liver issue.
  • A decoction of babul bark can be utilized as a vaginal douche.


Different Employments

  • Babul bark is likewise utilized for tanning and coloring purposes.
  • When grass is not effectively accessible, the cases and seeds of the plant are given to dairy cattle as grain.
  • Babul bark can likewise be made into a decoction and utilized as a substitute for cleanser.
  • The thistles of the babul tree are utilized to hold sheets of paper together.
  • The wood of the babul tree is strong and discovers use in the production of oil presses and farming actualizes.

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