Are You Willing to Create the Health You Say You Want?

Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes to Create the Health You Say You Want?


Humans are Creatures of Habit that Resist Change

Many humans are creatures of habit. There is a tendency to stay within a comfort zone, to keep doing things just as they have always been done, and to resist change. Change is scary, a turn into unknown territory.

Many would rather stay in the unpleasant familiar than risk going into the unknown. And, people are afraid of giving up what they think brings them pleasure, as if they will be missing out on something.

This is often true even when acknowledging that change is the very thing needed to reach goals someone has set for him or herself, especially regarding health.


Want Better Health? Be Open to Suggestions

Many health practitioners see this daily in their offices. People become clients with the intention of improving their level of health. They want to feel better, get relief from aches and pains, or turn around a stubborn and sometimes scary health condition. This motive is not in doubt. But when it comes time to take empowered actions to bring about some level of healing, those very same people balk at the suggestion.

“I’ll do anything but give up bread.”

“I will never stop drinking coffee.”

“I have a glass of wine every night. It helps me relax.”

“I hate exercise.”

“You want me to come in twice a week?”

Or how about this one, “I cut out gluten for 10 days, and I didn’t notice a difference.”


Results Take Time, Energy, and Commitment

One common cliché illustrates this clearly: If you keep doing the things you have always done, then you will keep getting the same results. And yes, real results take real time, real energy, and real commitment.

The interesting paradox here is that it is often the very same person who desires a different outcome that also refuses to make even the smallest changes outside of the office doors.

In other words, if one wants results, if one truly wants healing, then he or she must be willing to make the necessary changes that might allow healing to occur.

“I’ll try,” or “I’ve tried that already,” simply isn’t good enough if a person truly wants to heal. If it were, we wouldn’t be a nation with so many sick and tired people. It is common knowledge among healthcare practitioners that the United States spends more on healthcare than other developed nations, and yet still has much higher rates of chronic illness.


You Can Turn Your Health Around

All alternative healthcare providers want to see their patients turn their health around. But only so much can be done inside the office walls. Once out in the world, patients must take steps necessary to help themselves heal, hopefully based on the many beneficial suggestions provided by their practitioners.

Sometimes this means bringing lunch to work instead of eating at the fast food joint on the corner. This could mean juicing five days’ worth of vegetables and freezing the extra. Sometimes this means skipping an hour of TV to go to the gym or take a walk around the neighborhood or to meditate. And sometimes it means asking for support so that self-care can take a priority.


The Power of Change is in Your Hands

The good news is that the real power is in the patient’s hands. Even if it starts with the smallest of steps, it can be done.

Humans are also resilient, innovative, intelligent, and inspired. If even one person can have an idea, come up with a plan, or heal from a serious illness, then so can any other person.

With the guidance from an alternative healthcare practitioner, beneficial support from friends and family, and an unrelenting commitment to oneself, the healing process can begin and be successful. Every single empowered action, every single meal, every single beneficial change can bring about better health.

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