What Happens with Your Body After Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach?

Amazing Effect of Drinking Lemon Water on Empty StomachHave you ever thought in what way the food we consume affects our health? Have you ever tried to state the advantages and disadvantages of certain drink ? If you haven’t contemplated in this way, now is the perfect time to look at the things from different perspective.

We all enjoy eating and drinking out of mere pleasure but there is more than meets the eye. Everything we consume impacts our health due to the various components the ingredients consist of. So depending on the contents of the food we taste, we can reflect on the vices and virtues that the ingredients possess.

Most often when you look for refreshment, you grab a lemon and you squeeze it. Then you mix the juice with a water and you get a nicely prepared refreshing beverage. And most of you think that the story ends here, but in fact this is just a beginning.

The effects that drinking lemon water has on your health are numerous. It is important to mention that the effects are intensified if this potion is drunk on an empty stomach. Best results are achieved by taking it with lukewarm water early in the morning or 30 minutes before every meal.

Detoxification is regarded as a modern-day necessity as we are exposed to many unwanted substances, such as pesticides and other chemicals. This perfect combination is aimed at detoxifying your body, cleansing the liver and eliminating all toxins at cellular level.

It stimulates the function of brain and enhances memory and mood. In addition it rejuvenates the skin so that it looks fresh and nourished.

Moreover, it has cancer-fighting properties mainly directed towards prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer. It also balances Ph as it reduces overall acidity, functions as a natural diuretic and prevents bad breath.

It aids digestion and significantly improves metabolism. Being rich in vitamin C, this drink boosts immunity and reduces stress effectively.

This beverage can be used as an excellent idea to take care of your heart naturally without any medications as it has high levels of potassium. It fully protects your heart and prevents many cardiovascular diseases.

By incorporating lemon water into your diet, you will experience the astounding effects on reducing weight in a healthy manner. This mix will also give you strength and energy so you will not feel tired throughout the day.

Regarding your daily menu, keep in mind that the choices you make are either feeding a disease or fighting it. Your health is the most precious thing you are in possession of. So, next time you plan your daily eating routine, think carefully and make a smart decision.

6 Responses to What Happens with Your Body After Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach?

  1. sadaka zaman says:

    I am already drinking lemon water with lukewarm water early in the morning in empty stomach. I need a proper diet to lose my over weight.I am 5ft & weight 65kg & obesity problem.

  2. Kelly says:

    How much lemon to water and can you add a zero calorie sweetener and get the same effect?

  3. Samanthini Kahawita says:

    I need to have my coffee in the morning so badly. So If I drink this beverage at 8.00 in the morning when can I have my coffee?

  4. Dehliaa says:

    I am drinking lemon water and a tsp of Apple Cider vinegar in a glass of water and see nothing. A Nutritionals seems to feel with a recent transplant and being on dialysis for 7.5 years prior, my liver may not be working as well. Are their ways to clean my liver to help speed up my metabolism? I know I’ll never be 00 in size again, but just 20 lbs would be a help, almost a miracle really in weight loss?

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