Amazing Detox Smoothie for Burning Fats Fast

Amazing Detox Smoothie for Burning Fats Fast

Have you imagined how your perfect body would look like? How many times have you pictured your slim figure in your thoughts? Now it is time to offer your body complete transformation so that your perfect body picture becomes reality and you can look yourself in a mirror finally feeling excited with the way to look.

No more extra pounds, no more toxins in your body, no more frustration every time you want to try on a new pair of jeans.

If you aim at burning fats fast, then you should know what ingredients your should combine in order to get the body of your dreams. If you look at the perfectly shaped bodies of fashion models and celebrities, keep in mind that such bodies are result of hard work and well-designed diet. Now it is time you do something for yourself.

Working on your body is the best possible health insurance you can get on long term. Burning fats fast can be both fun and delicious. All you need is a strong motivation and a recipe for healthy drink that will help in the process of fat burning, losing weight and elimination of the stubborn cellulite.

The best way to burn fat is to eliminate free radicals from your body, speed up metabolism and introduce fat-burning foods on your daily menu.

Discover how to make the best of cranberries health benefits and drop the extra pounds easier, fight cellulite, reduce stress and boost immunity and energy. They encourage the body to get rid of excess fluids through excretion. Being rich in fiber and low in calories, apples are among the best weight loss and fat burning foods. Almond milk is considered as another power food that helps with losing belly fat and burning extra calories. It is low in calories and help you feel full for longer.

Lemon and ginger are among the top fat burning combinations as they improve metabolism and aid the weight loss process.

Combine these healthy ingredients and prepare yourself to experience their detox and fat-burning potential. This drink is a great weapon against belly fat and burning calories fast and easy.


  • 2 apples
  • 1/2 cup cranberries
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • a thumb of ginger, peeled and grated
  • 1/2 lemon or 1/2 orange in a form of juice ( lemon if preferable)


Mix everything in a blender and blend for a minute or two until you get one of the tastiest smoothies you have ever tried. You can garnish with dried cranberries but that is optional. Consume this healthy drink twice a day in a period of  10 days and you will notice fast results.

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