After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away The Rice Water Again

Learn how using rice water will magically transform you in so many ways. There is a very old Chinese treatment with rice water (the water with which you cooked the rice)that gives your body energy, makes your skin healthy and your hair shiny.

rice water

Using two cheap ingredients, namely water and rice, you can have healthier body and beautiful smooth skin, which is truly remarkable. So I doubt that after you read this you’ll ever throw the rice water again.

This is the right time to read and find out about this extraordinary Chinese medicine,  and its cosmetic and health benefits that you’ll have if you consume the rice water and practice the treatment regularly.

How rice water affects your health?

  • It will give energy to your body and it will increase the concentration of carbohydrates.
  • It is proven cure for gastroenteritis.
  • Prevents cancer.
  • It will regulate your high blood pressure successfully.
  • It will regulate your body temperature effectively.

Amazing effect of rice water on beauty:

  • It cleans your skin if you wash your face with this rice water.
  • Perfect replacement for tonic.
  • It prevents creation of pores on your face.
  • Your hair will shine and stay healthy if you wash it with this rice water.
  • Make a bath to sooth the muscles and softens your skin.

The right way to prepare rice water:

If you think that rice water is the water in which rice is washed, then you are wrong. You could use this water as well, but this water won’t have all the benefits.

To prepare the rice water the right way, you need to boil the rice and put more water than you usually put. When it boils and it’s ready separate the water and the rice, and you can drink the water warm or let it cool for a while. This is the proper way of preparation of the rice water. The Chinese use it regularly and they claim that this water helps in so many ways, so at least it’s worth a try.

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