A Natural Formula For Faster Nail Growth That You Can Use At Home.

Furthermore, women usually spend a fortune on manicure treatments in a salon. And, if they put artificial nails, they even increase the damage. But, you don’t have to spend money on these treatments anymore, since you can put an effort and do the work by yourself at home.

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Fortunately, a completely natural formula for growing your nails at home exists. Just apply the following tips into your nail care routine:

1.Nail shaping

Faster nail growth can be also enabled by balancing the pressure on the nail bed nerves. To do so, you should shape them in such a way that the bottom and the top have a similar shape.

2.Nail polishing

Calcium is crucial and extremely beneficial for stimulating nail growth. Therefore, always choose nail base coats based on calcium. Or, instead of the base coat, you can use nail polish that contains calcium.

3.Avoid nail removers

Acetone, nail removers, and sprays can do additional damage to your nails and make them weaker. Thus, make sure you avoid these nail care products and always use the ones that are based on oil so that you improve your nail health.

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4.Cuticle massage

In order to speed up the growing process of your nails, you should enhance the blood circulation in the nail area. To do so, massage your cuticles gently for 15 to 20 seconds every day before going to bed.

5.Flex your fingers

Have you noticed that the nails on your dominant hand grow faster? Namely, the reason for this is that the dominant hand is more active and has better blood circulation and stronger muscles. Thus, clench your fist of your less dominant hand a couple of times daily so that you reach the same speed of nail growth.

6.Push back your cuticles

Hard cuticles that are flat down can just slow down and impede nail growth. Therefore, you should push them back using a cuticle pusher, or if you don’t have one, you can use a coin, or even the edge of an identity card, or anything similar to it.


the cuticles and the nails for a better look and to prevent them from drying. Use any essential oil or cream or specific cuticle cream.

8.Shape your nails

regularly using many tools at your disposal. There are amazing sets in the markets that will help you shape your nails for an aesthetical purpose and health issues.

9.Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is also of great importance for accelerating nail growth and improving nail health since the nails also need certain nutrients. Thus, make sure you consume food rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and plenty of vitamins.

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