9 Impressive Uses of Vinegar in Your Laundry Room

Vinegar is commonly used ingredient for your salad. Also, it is used when dying Easter eggs. Vinegar i.e. sour wine is in the spotlight due to its preservative and medicinal properties.

However, it is also used as a cleaning agent in the garden and the house. It is a liquid based on alcohol that can get rid of odors and bacteria.

That is why you should consider to start using it in your laundry room.

9 Benefits of Vinegar

1. It Can Remove Wine from Fabric

Do not worry if you spilled wine on your favorite shirt. Vinegar is here to help.

You need to heat 2 cups of white vinegar. Remove the vinegar from the stove before it boils. Take your shirt and stretch it where the stain is. On the stain pour half of the heated vinegar.

Then wash it off with cool water and use the rest of the vinegar to soak the shirt. Let it stay around 20 minutes. Wash it off and put it in your washing machine.

2. Kills Bacteria

Vinegar can actually remove grime and bacteria from your laundry machine and basket.

All you need to do is to mix water and white vinegar and whip them.

3. Remove Build Up From Your Washing Machine

Minerals and bacteria build up in your washing machine after washing dirty clothes. You can clean this with vinegar.

You need to set the washing machine to its highest temperature and its longest cycle. Then in hot water just add 4 cups of white vinegar and let it stay for few minutes.

After that, you need to pause the machine and let it stay like that for one hour.

4. It Can Help To Reduce Static Cling

In order to reduce the static cling, put 1 cup of vinegar in your washing machine. In addition, your clothes shall become resistant to fuzzies and pet hair.

5. Clean The Iron

Vinegar is the perfect choice to clean your iron.

If you want to clean the base of the iron, you need to make a mixture from vinegar and salt. Then take a cloth and wipe the surface of your iron with this mixture. Just make sure that the surface is warm.

If you want to remove the clogs that are found in the nozzles of the iron, you can also use vinegar. First, you need to make a mixture from water and vinegar and then fill the water compartment.

After you do this, put the iron upright and plug it in. Leave the iron like that for few minutes. Then unplug it and let it cool. Then wash it off with water.

6. Remove odors

If you forgot something in your basket and now suddenly there is odor do not worry. Make a mixture from water and vinegar and put the mixture in a spray bottle. And you can spray on your laundry baskets and bags.

If you did not switch off the laundry and now it smells bad, you can just add vinegar in it, and that will solve your problem with the odor.

7. Remove Hem Lines

If you want to get rid of holes, you can soak a cloth using distilled vinegar. Then you need to put the cloth under the holes and use a warm iron to press on the fabric.

8. No Chemicals

If you have sensitive skin, you can use vinegar. Because the vinegar can aid in the removal of soap residue.

9. Whither Clothes

Instead of the bleach products, you can use vinegar. If you have stains on your white shirts on the underarms, you can soak them in water and vinegar to remove them.

And in your washing machine, you can add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar for whiter clothes.

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