8 Snack Foods to Eat to Help Increase Your Energy Levels

If you are constantly struggling to keep going once that afternoon energy slump hits, it’s time to update your snack style. Many people reach for sugary or salty snacks that don’t do much to help revive your energy levels. Instead of more junk food, try some healthy snacks that have wholesome ingredients that are known for boosting your energy. Here are some quick and simple snacks you can take with you to help boost your energy levels any time of day.


One easy snack you can reach for when you’re starting to feel sleepy is a handful of almonds. Almonds are packed with calories, protein, and fiber, making them a nutritious source of energy when enjoyed in moderation. They also contain magnesium, which may have the ability to help people feel less fatigued during strenuous work. Another tasty almond treat is spreading some almond butter over a slice of bread or a piece of fruit.


Bananas are another popular snack that can help you feel a little more awake during the day. Conveniently protected with its tough peel, this snack can be a great food choice to take with you wherever your afternoon takes you. Bananas are also a great source of potassium, which the body needs in order to properly function. Potassium helps support your muscle’s development and function along with the nerve cells in your brain. This makes it easier to complete physical tasks and to maintain endurance.


If you’re looking for another source of fresh fruit that can help you feel more invigorated during those long afternoons, oranges are it. Oranges are a great source of nutrients that allow you to continue to perform at the office or outside doing yard work. Containing sufficient levels of vitamin C and folate, oranges offer healthy carbohydrates without too many calories. They also feature natural sugars that can help keep your blood sugar from getting too high and crashing. It’s no wonder so many soccer teams fuel up with oranges during the game in order to keep up everyone’s pace.


One way you can get your energy at optimal levels is by eating rich sources of protein. Biting into a steak is not very realistic if you’re spending the afternoon at the office, so you need to think about other protein sources that are more portable. A good choice that can be packed conveniently and eaten quickly is an egg. Simply hard boil a dozen or so eggs at the beginning of your work week, and then refrigerate them for later. Throughout the week, grab an egg to pack along with your lunch for a late day snack.

Dark Chocolate

If you’re looking for a little indulgence after lunch, a great snack to choose that can also help with your energy levels is dark chocolate. This kind of chocolate contains caffeine, which can help you feel more awake, and theobromine, a natural source of energy. It’s vital to make sure you choose the dark variety as opposed to the sugary milk chocolate, which does not have as much nutritional value.

Sunflower Seeds

When you need an increase in your ability to crunch numbers or do other tedious mental tasks, you need the benefit of a snack like sunflower seeds. A handful of roasted sunflower seeds can help you get back your focus again as you crunch away and work on opening the shell. Sunflower seeds are a great way to get additional protein as well.

Whole Grains

Whole grain foods are another possibility for a snack if you’re dragging each afternoon before the end of the day. One easy and tasty way to get your whole grains in snack form is to make your own whole grain protein bar. Combine your favorite ingredients, like Just Cookie Dough, a chocolate chip treat made with sorghum from hamptoncreek, and cut into bar shapes for convenience.


The last high-quality snack that you can enjoy to give your productivity a boost is yogurt. Try the healthier choice of Greek yogurt either in your favorite blended flavor or with fruit mixed in. Its protein amounts and lowered sugar makes it a perfect food for those times when you need to put in a little more effort.
Making it through those tiresome late days at the office or at school can be tough if you aren’t eating the right foods. Choose your snack foods wisely, and you may start to feel more energetic and get more done.

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