7 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally That Worked For Almost Everyone Who Tried

This world is the stylish place and everyone wants to fit here with the best. Lips are supposed as the beauty of face so it’s your duty to keep the lips red and rosy. The lips look blackish and dark due to the various factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, heredity or due to UV exposure.
But one can easily get rid of dark lips with the following home remedies.

Honey is extracted from the bee hives and it contains the active enzyme which helps in making the skin glow and lips pink.
How to use it:
Take honey and gently massage it on the lips. Keep it for overnight and then wash the lips in the morning. Honey will help in preserving the natural pink color of the lips.
Strawberry balm:
It is proven that the strawberries are the wonder fruit for the skin. The moisturizers and lip care balm has the strawberries but instead of using the market product you can make the strawberry balm by yourself.
How to apply it:
Crush 3 to 4 strawberries and add Vaseline to it. Make a natural lip balm and use it regularly on the lips.
Olive oil:
Olive is the natural remedy to get rid of dark and blackish lips. It has the ingredient which makes the lips glossy and shiny.
How to apply it:
Take 2 to 3 drops of olive oil on your figure tips and then massage your lips with the olive oil.
Turmeric is the natural antiseptic and very effective for the skin care. It also helps in giving the lips the rosy red color naturally.
How to apply it:
Take the turmeric powder and mix it with lemon drops. Make the fine paste and then apply the paste to the lips. This will help you in providing rosy lips and curb the darkness.
To get the soft rosy lips nothing is better than the rose. The rose petal has the natural ingredients to cover the dark lips and make them red and rosy.
How to apply it:
  1. Add rose water to honey and apply it to your lips daily.
  2. Take 10-12 rose petals and crush them with butter and honey. Apply this paste to your lips for the better results.
Almond oil:
It is rich in Vitamin C which is very effective in skin care as well as hair care. You can use the almond oil for preserving the red color of lips also.
How to apply it:
Make a paste of almond oil and honey and rub it on your lips. Do these remedy twice a week and this will help in discoloration of black lips and preserving the reddish pink color of lips.
It has the natural ingredient which makes the lip color shiny, red and pinkish. It also works as the natural moisturizer and nourishes the lips.
How to apply it:
  • Grind the seed of pomegranate and add some amount of milk cream and rose water to it.
  • Apply this paste to your lips regularly and this will help you in getting rid of dark lips.

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