7 Proven Strategies to Lose Belly Fat (No. 2 and 4 are Best)

A large number of Americans are overweight and over 35% suffer from obesity. Not only it is aesthetically unsatisfying but it also increases the risk of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Around 3.4 million adults die from obesity every year. Nowadays, obesity has the same death rate as tobacco.

Lose Belly Fat Strategy

When you start putting on weight, especially belly fat, your body is out of balance, becoming more susceptible to diseases. You must take control or else deadly and ferocious cycle will take over your body.

Insulin is the main culprit for belly fat

Apart from other hormones that contribute to belly fat, insulin is by far the most powerful. If you have high levels of insulin you gain belly fat and your body becomes apple-shaped.By driving oxidative stress and inflammation, insulin creates countless downstream effects.

You can become insulin resistant with time which can make your body to create belly fat as a reserve. People who are overweight can also suffer from fatigue, blood sugar swings, hypoglycemia, sugar cravings, high triglycerides, low sex drive, low HDL, and can have blood clotting problems

The first thing you should do

Hormones like leptin and satiety are influenced by insulin. If the leptin is blocked by the insulin you can feel starvation even though you have just had a big meal. This starvation that you feel is the insulin rush and leptin resistance.

Sugar is mainly responsible for creating insulin resistance.Sugar is different from other calories that come from protein, fat, or non-starchy carbs such as greens. Sugar mixes up  your normal appetite. By consuming more and more sugar, your body creates fat. A person consumes overdose from 22 to 30 teaspoons of sugar per day.

Fructose, which is the most harmful sugar,  goes straight to your liver, where it produces fat, triggering more  insulin resistance and causing chronically elated blood insulin levels, leading  your body to stock everything you eat as belly fat. It can also cause fatty liver which causes inflammation. Inflammation can cause weight gain thus create insulin resistance.

Fructose does not reduce ghrelin, the appetite hormone, so it doesn’t send information to your brain that you have consumed a lot of calories.

Our body is programmed to stock belly fat. Genes can play a minor role, but they are not the main contributors to diabetes and obesity.

The Belly Fat is Not the Biggest Issue

You biggest concern is not your waist line or your belly. It is your brain. Your brain and body should think the same way. That is essential if you want to lose weight.

In order to lose weight you should let go the perspectives and thoughts that sabotage your objective.

Take a look at seven strategies of removing belly fat

  1. Eat real food.

By eating real food, which is nutritious, we are more fulfilled; we eat less and lose belly fat. Consuming suitable vitamins and minerals can help you burn calories, regulate your appetite, lower inflammations, increase detoxification, regulate stress hormones, help digestion and help your cells in becoming more insulin sensitive. Eat a lot of vegetables and food rich in protein.

  1. Reduce stress.

Constant stress drives your brain to weaken and your belly to grow. High levels of cortisol can increase your cholesterol and blood sugarand can cause depression and dementia, or it can promote the build -up of belly fat. As a consequence you have sugar cravings.

  1. Address food sensitivities.

Our favorite food is not the best food for us in some cases. It is not easy to stop consuming it, but if it is for the best, it is better to do so. Dairy and gluten are food sensitivities, but there are many other that can create belly fat.

  1. Get  enough sleep.

Poor sleep can contribute to insulin resistance and at the same time impact hormones like ghrelin and leptin which are fat-regulating.

  1. Improve your nutrient levels:

Take a  multivitamin that is rich in sugar-balancing nutrients.Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for controlling insulin function.Improve your vitamin D .This vitamin is associated with appetite control. Consume natural supplements such as L-glutamine and PGX (a super fiber).

  1. Monitor alcohol.

Alcohol is very caloric. It can do a lot of harm to your body. Two glasses of wine per day mean 72.000 calories per year, which means 20 extra pounds a year.

  1. Exercise regularly.

You should have regular daily exercises. Your exercise can be a half an hour walk, or aerobic exercises 4 to 6 times a week. It depends on your needs. Exercise can help you lose weight.

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