7 Medicinal Properties Of Mango Leaves That You Aren’t Aware Of!

Everyone knows how delicious mangos are, but not many people are aware of their health benefits. Mangos are very nutritious and are great for children and adults alike. The fruit is native to India and distributed all around the world. Besides the fruit itself, the mango leaves are also beneficial and contain a host of vitamins and minerals vital for your health.

Here’s what mango leaves can help you treat:

  1. Diabetes

The leaves contain anthocyanins which can treat diabetes in the early stages. To use them against the disease, you need to powder the leaves first and prepare a cup of mango leaves tea. To treat diabetic angiopathy and retinopathy, soak the leaves in a cup of water overnight, then strain the mixture and drink it in the morning. This mixture contains ethyl acetate extract and 3beta­taraxerol, substances that synergize with insulin to activate GLUT4 that helps the synthesis of glycogen. This will treat hyperglycemia and defeat diabetes.

  1. Treat restlessness

Restlessness occurs due to anxiety and isn’t easily treatable. However, mango leaves can help you overcome the problem. In India, it is common to hand mango leaves on your front door to relieve anxiety and restlessness. You can also add a cup of mango leaves tea in a bathtub of water to relax your mind and body and overcome anxiety.

  1. Reduce blood pressure

These leaves contain certain compounds that can reduce high blood pressure and strengthen your blood vessels.

  1. Treat respiratory problems

Boil some mango leaves in water and add some honey in the tea, then drink it to relieve coughs and colds and treat respiratory problems such as asthma.

  1. Prevent dysentery

Powdered mango leaves taken with a glass of water 3 times a day can treat and prevent dysentery.

  1. Heal burns

To treat burns, apply some powdered mango leaves on the affected area to accelerate the healing and prevent the itch.

  1. Ear ache

Ear aches are commonly caused by infections and can be treated with mango leaves. First, extract the gel from the leaves and heat up a small amount, then put a few drops of it in your ear to reduce the pain instantly.


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