Being overweight or obese isn’t just a cosmetic problem. Extra weight puts your health at risk and can lead to dangerous diseases, including diabetes,sleep apnea, heart problems, hypertension and cancer.

Whether you need to drop five pounds or one hundred pounds, it is really difficult to start your weight-loss journey. But if you want to lose weight for good, you should change your lifestyle and develop healthy eating habits. How to do it?

We would like to show you six easy tips that can help you change your life without making you feel deprived and depressed. These tips can help you start your transformation and get in shape in no time! Are you interested? Scroll down to read them right now.

#1. Swap sweet drinks for water You can drink juice or smoothie in the morning, but for the rest of the day, you should drink clean water. When you limit your soda consumption, you save up to two hundred calories. Another advantage of drinking water is that it boosts your metabolism, prevents bloating and helps to control appetite.

#2. Eat a bowl of salad for lunch This is a healthy eating habit. Vegetables are low-calorie and delicious, you can eat a huge bowl of veggies that won’t break the calorie bank. Veggies are rich in fiber, which can help you control appetite.

#3. Perform short training routines each day If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and don’t like hitting the gym or running, you should perform at least one ten-minute training routine each day. It will help you tone your body and burn calories.

#4. Store chopped fruits and vegetables in the fridge When you have a need to munch something, you should choose healthy options. Chopped fruits and vegetables will fill your body with all essential vitamins and elements.

#5. Reduce portions and use smaller plates This tip can help you reduce your calorie intake and eat less.

#6. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard Don’t be obsessed with losing weight and don’t beat yourself up for eating excess calories. All you need to do is to stay positive, eat healthy food and be active.