6 Tricks to Help you Lose Weight While Eating Snacks

6 Tricks to Help you Lose Weight While Eating Snacks

Eating snacks is good, but paying attention to certain things while enjoying them is what makes the difference between weight loss and weight gain. Carefully follow these 6 simple tricks while indulging yourself in snacks in order to make snacks your best ally in losing pounds in healthy way.

1. Pay attention to the time

A bite or two between breakfast and dinner until lunch time comes is a common practice. But an American study says that those who take snacks between breakfast and lunch usually eat more as opposed to those who take snack in the afternoon as they take more fiber, vitamins and minerals in a form of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Colors of snacks matter a great deal

People eating colorful food eat significantly less as opposed to those who eat food just of one color. The best results to get while eating snacks is to follow the colors of the traffic signals. Researches at the University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment with two groups of students. The first group was given yellow chips, while the other was given chips in different colors. The second group ate 50 % less than the first group.

6 Tricks to Help you Lose Weight While Eating Snacks13. Eat your snacks in a smart way

It is best if your snacks contain a lot of proteins rather than fats and carbohydrates, as it takes more energy  for burning calories from proteins so it keeps you full for longer and prevents overeating. Researches conclude that the best effects for losing weight are achieved with snacks containing a lot of proteins rather than intake of low-protein snacks.

4. Switch your hand

You want to eat less, yet enough? In that case try the left-hand diet ( or the right-hand). A study claims that people who eat snacks with their dominant hand usually eat more as compared if they eat with the less dominant hand. When you eat with dominant hand you think of eating and that is why you eat more, but when you eat with less dominant hand, you actually think more of what you are doing hence the reason your intake of calories is lower.

5. Use small plates

If you have habit to grab handful of snacks out of the bag, then you run the risk of overeating. The same goes with eating from large-size plates. It is assumed that the overeating comes from the large amount of food being placed on the plates. In order to prevent this, make sure you always use small plates for eating. Use the visual illusion and in that way you will save yourself from overeating and consuming too many calories.

6 Tricks to Help you Lose Weight While Eating Snacks

Another research states that using blue plates contributes to eating less food as it stimulates the brain that the food already taken is enough and there is no need for extra food and additional calories.

6. Don’t get fooled

Just because it is labelled as low-fat, it doesn’t mean that that snack is necessary and good for you and that you can eat it in large amounts. One recent American study points out that those who eat low-fat snacks usually eat more, so be careful next time you opt for low-fat snacks.

These simple tips will help you invest in long-term weight loss plan in healthy manner and enjoy the results you get with your body.

If you strictly follow these advice, you will notice improvements with your body in terms of better digestion, prevention of constipation, improved metabolism, losing belly fats and burning calories slowly but steadily.

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