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This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Vaseline!

Vaseline can be found in almost all of American homes. It is a commonly trusted brand, and is used for many different things! But research shows that Vaseline is actually really harmful.

Cure All Infections And Kill All Parasites With This DIY Antibiotic!

Prescription medication for colds and infections can have really harmful side effects and even contain really carcinogenic chemicals. Skip the dangerous Pharma meds, and use this DIY antibiotic! This antibiotic can be

Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is what you MUST know

Cancer is dangerous. Don’t flirt with disaster. Don’t eat it and don’t go near it. Don’t drink it. Don’t put it on your skin. Yes, this is a warning not to put

This 28-Day Planking Challenge Can Help Tone up and Tighten Your Tummy

“Core strength” is more than just a fitness buzz term to remind you that you probably don’t do enough sit-ups. Core strength actually refers to the strength of deep muscle groups in

Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick, and What to Do About It

Have you ever heard of face mapping? It is an ancient technique which has been practiced for millennia and uses the location of acne on the face to discover the potential issue

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month by Adding This to Your Morning Coffee

If you love drinking coffee in the morning and you happen to be trying to lose a few extra pounds, you’re in luck. Adding just a few simple ingredients into your coffee

This “Healthy” Drink Destroys Your Thyroid And Here are 10 More Reasons Why You Should Never Consume it

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, mainstream nutritional guidelines have instructed Americans to eat soy and drink soy milk. BUT soy milk is not a healthy choice.  By drinking soy milk you are

Five Foods to Eat For a Flatter Belly

What you eat contributes significantly to how much belly fat you have. Everyone has a six-pack of abs, but some are just covered will a layer of fat. To get rid of

2 Apples, 1 Lemon And 1 Cup Of Oats, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control

Today, we are going to share the recipe of an incredibly healthy 3-ingredient smoothie, that will help you lose weight and sizes in a very short time. It is actually a natural

20 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Almonds

Love the crunchy taste of almonds? Enjoy them in desserts or savor them alone – the fact that these delicious nuts can do wonders for your skin, hair and health gives you

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