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No Matter what’s Happening in Your Life Right Now, you Must Read This Short Story.

It was one seemingly ordinary day when I decided  to QUIT… All of a sudden I made a decision to quit my job, my relationship and finally my spirituality. I just wanted

11 Marvelous Health Uses of Baking Soda You Probably Didn’t Know

Even though you’ve certainly already heard of the numerous benefits which baking soda can offer you, many are still puzzled by its wondrous health benefits. In other words, its use goes far

Study: Thyme Plant Extract Revealed to be More Effective than Ibuprofen

Significant research has found thyme essential oil and its constituent thymol to be antiseptic. In fact, many mouth washes and antiseptic wipes often contain thymol. New research is also finding that thyme

Eat Honey Every Day And These 8 Things Are Going To Happen To Your Body

Many people are doing everything they can to maintain their beauty and fitness. Taking care of the body requires lots of work, and if you know what you are doing it is

Water Fasting May Help You Live Longer + 3 Other Benefits

Water fasting has been part of the human philosophy for thousands of years. Throughout time, people have chosen to fast for spiritual and religious reasons or to raise awareness for a cause.

Herb Reduces Pain, Arthritis Symptoms, and Fights Infections

This is actually a very common herb, that is powerful and very beneficial when it comes to our health. You might even use it, and you are not aware of all its

4 Best Foods To Prevent Hormonal Imbalance For Women

For many the fountain of youth means balance hormones, maintain a healthy reproductive system, and create great skin. These goals can be achieved with the right combination of foods. Moreover, eating the right

Teflon Pans Can Be Toxic. Here’s Why You Need to Use Cast Iron Pans Immediately

In case you didn’t know, Teflon pans may be highly toxic. Therefore, using a cast-iron skillet is far better option. As a matter of fact, iron-skillet pans increase the body`s absorption of this

Honey With Turmeric – The Most Potent Antibiotic That Not Even Doctors Can Explain

Turmeric is a very popular spice that is a common ingredient in the Chinese and Indian cuisine. However, it has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. It provides numerous

5 Reasons to Drink Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

If someone is ingesting tepid to warm water on a clear stomach, he for certain is making advantages to the digestive tract and stimulates removing the poisons from the disease fighting capability.

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