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How To Drink Papaya Leaf Juice to Detoxify Liver, Reverse Fatty Liver and Stop Liver Cancer

Papaya leaf juice can be a new and exciting thing to try and/or a perfect substitute for a smoothie or juice recipe. Not to mention the health benefits you get from it

5 Herbal Supplements That Can Reverse Diabetes Symptoms

These common herbs can be used to treat a range of diabetes symptoms. Whilst healthy diets should always consist of a good mix of all food groups, recent reports have indicated that particular herbs

The Powerful Herb That Destroys Strep, Herpes, Candida, and Flu Virus

Another member of the labiatae, or mint, family, thyme is an herb native to the Mediterranean basin and comes in many varieties. There is only one plant, thymus vulgaris, but the composition

This Ingredient Increases Vision by Up to 97%

In Italy, Italian researchers have found that saffron can cure the loss of vision from macular degeneration, which comes related to age. WE KNOW OF WHAT MACULAR DEGENERATION CONSISTS:  In the center

Nature Comes To The Rescue Again – Peppertree Disarms Most Dangerous Bacteria

Superbugs are without a doubt a major threat affecting all health care systems. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by a type of staph bacteria that’s become resistant to many of

Worldwide Studies Find Vitamin B “Significantly” Reduces Symptoms Of Mental Disorders

We cannot escape the reality that in developed nations, people are often overfed and undernourished. A growing body of literature links dietary choices to brain health and the risk of psychiatric illness.

Supplements For The Whole Family

In the last few years, the market for nutritional supplements has really taken off. People are realizing that the food they eat doesn’t contain everything they need for good health, so they’re

Monk Fruit – Magical Fruit With Many Health Benefits

Monk fruit also known as “Luo Han Guo”, Buddha fruit, the Lohan or Arhat fruit is a sweet fruit and its healing properties are known for centuries. The fruit grows on a

According To Science, Eating Too Much Salad Now Causes Autism

You read the headline correctly and it’s another strike for the systematic study of health and nutrition, bound by bias and self-interest, promoting misinformation to make people believe anything. Johns Hopkins, which

Raw Carrot Juice an Effective Cancer Treatment for Survivor

We’ve all heard stories about people who have cured their cancer with compounds like cannabis oil. But did you know that there are more options than just cannabis oil that mother nature

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