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12 Ways To Stop Your Wife Falling Apart When She’s Overwhelmed

Many women are prone to suffering from stress or anxiety because of loads of concerns or responsibilities. They selflessly serve day after day for their family, wiping their children’s tears away, tending

How to Put an End to PMS Forever

You’ve seen that cranky, crazy, above-all-else hungry female character represented in TV shows and movies for decades. But What the Heck Is PMS Anyway? PMS doesn’t necessarily happen right before your period

7 Best Natural Antifungal Remedies – Safe And Effective For Any Kind Of Fungal Infection

Fungal infections can be very frustrating and cause a great discomfort or even embarrassment (like in the case of stinky feet). The most common types of fungal infections are candida or yeast

Dill Oil: Have you Tried this Wonder Oil?

Dill oil once was considered as a magic potion. This essential oil does wonders for all ages. From mothers who want to increase their milk production to babies who suffer colic. It

Kissing Benefits and 6 Reasons to Smooch More Often

There are a lot of great ways to keep you healthy and happy such as getting enough exercise, eating right, and meditating. But have you ever thought about the kissing benefits? Did

Puffy Eyes – Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Them

Bags under eyes, dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes are more common as you age. This usually is not cause for any alarm or a problem that requires medical attention. But

Neti Pot Health Benefits Including Sinusitis & Allergies

The Neti pots can be traced back and have been used for thousands of years in India. There it was used in Hatha yoga as a cleansing technique. In yoga science, the

Safe Natural Drug Alternatives For Most Prescribed Drugs

We are all slowly but certainly becoming pill poppers. In the last 12 years, the percentage of people taking five or more prescription drugs has almost doubled, from 8% to 15%. About

Lemon Balm Benefits And Reasons Why You Should Start Growing It In Your Garden

Lemon balm is also known as Melissa officinalis and by the folk names Bee Balm, Melissa, Heart’s Delight, Dropsy Plant, Balm, and Paracelsus named it “Elixir of Life”. It is used in

How To Increase Metabolism Naturally

A strong metabolism is connected to more than a thin body! It’s beneficial for fertility, immune function, lean muscle mass, lower rates of degenerative and infectious diseases, brain functionality, longevity, having more

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