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The Correct Way Of Sitting On Toilet. You’ve Been Doing It Wrong Your Whole Life!

Western toilet could be responsible for problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), appendicitis, and even heart attacks. As Dr. Mercola says: “If you examine the data, there is a great

Nostradamus Spine-Chilling 2017 Predictions Are Already Coming True

Fresh from a successful 2016, with multiple major predictions coming true, legendary French prophet Nostradamus looks set to continue his 500-year hot streak in 2017 as three disturbing prophecies and two encouraging

This Powerful Herb Destroys Herpes, Strep, Candida and Flu Virus

Thyme is an evergreen herb which is another member of the Labiatae, or mint, family. It comes in many varieties, but the most common variety is Thymus vulgaris. It is known to have herbaceous

Shocking Fact: Your Energy Drinks Contain Bull Urine And Semen

A study, conducted by Longhorn Cattle Company, proved that the energy drinks contain an ingredient which is extracted from bull urine and semen. The researchers tested some of the most popular energy

This 3-Ingredient Tea Can Cleanse Mucus, Toxins And Inflammation From Lungs

Everyone has had some breathing problems, minor or serious. It might be asthma, allergy, runny nose and more. And still people always first reach for medicines and drugs and expose themselves to

Do You Have High Blood Pressure Or Heart Problems? Avoid These 16 Foods At All Costs!

One of the main reasons for creating coronary heart disease is unhealthy eating regime. Eating foods that are poor in nutrition prompts hypertension to damage supply routes and heart. A major reason

If You Knew What’s In McDonald’s Fries You’d Be Seriously Disgusted And Never Eat Them Again

We all know that eating processed foods or fast foods is very harmful to our overall health. There was a recent expose of the french-fry making process in McDonald’s  that revealed that

California Wins Right to Use Cancer Warning Labels on Roundup

California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed-killer Roundup as a possible cancer threat despite an insistence from the chemical giant that it poses no risk to people, a judge tentatively

Pesticide Alert: 18 Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides

According to the latest report of the Environmental Working Group, individuals who indulge in non-organic foods are likely to ingest 67 pesticides. Fresh produce is always a better and healthier option than

Easy Way To Remove Pesticides From Your Fruit and Vegetables

Pesticides are everywhere, and they can have many negative long-term health effects. Fortunately, we’re here with an easy to make and easy to use home cleaner that will rinse the pesticides off

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