Monthly Archives: June 2014

Best Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer

Stop for a moment and think how important is your health ! It is precious, right? That should be the main reason to motivate you to make a long-term investment in your

Top 6 Alkaline Foods that You Must Include in Your Diet

The typical daily food most of us consume contains mainly processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined cereals, meat and dairy products produced in a conventional way and hidden genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All

Instant Weight Loss Smoothie for Those Who Can’t Wait to Lose Pounds

If you are too eager to shed pounds and you can not wait to get your perfect body, we suggest trying an instant weight loss smoothie recipe. The more you drink of

Berry Juice to Cut Down your Weight in 2 Weeks

Recent researches conducted in the USA show that mixed berry juice is a powerful and delicious weight loss tool that will boost metabolism and burn fat in short time. Eating berries has

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