Monthly Archives: February 2014

Light Green Smoothie for Extra Health

How many days have passed since you have found a really easy-to-make recipe with extra benefits for your health. What we offer you today is an incredibly tasty green smoothie,made in a

Anti-Inflammatory Pomegranate Cherry Smoothie

Inflammation is a response of the body to remove harmful stimuli in order to prevent further damage.Out of control inflammation, if not treated on time, can cause additional healthy problems and reflect

Why are Purple Fruits so much Important for Health?

Dark-colored fruits look a little bit mysterious, yet they possess a high content of healing antioxidants and nutrients. Today we are taking you on a journey to find out why purple fruits are

Natural Juice that Effectively Lowers Cholesterol

More and more people are constantly fighting with increased level of cholesterol and triglycerides that slowly impairs health condition and can significantly affect strength, vitality and alertness. Simple changes in your diet can

Refreshing Mango Lime Smoothie for Perfect Health

There are days when you simply need something to lift your spirits. There are moments when you want to indulge yourself in easily prepared recipes so that you save energy for doing

How Age Affects Female Fertility?

Experts confirm that the chances for pregnancy are significantly lower after the age of 32, and even lower after 37. This statement is not an alarm and it shouldn’t impose any pressure

Secret Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe has been considered as a miracle herb due to its potent health benefits. It has been used for centuries in a form of magical potion which cures many diseases and helps

Yummy Banana Almond Smoothie

You have been wandering around, eating whatever comes in your hands until you come across  delicious recipes that meet your impeccable taste. You are more than delighted to finally satisfy your hedonistic

Super Easy Smoothie for Back Pain

Nowadays more and more people are experiencing pain in their back due to sedentary lifestyle, improper and strenuous physical activity or even mentally stressful job.  Apart from expensive massages and  alternative medicine

Incredible Smoothie for Infertility Problems

Inability to conceive is slowly becoming a common problem worldwide. More and more couples are facing infertility and this situation can be really frustrating and stressful for them as well as for the

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