19 Amazing Uses of VapoRub!

VapoRub is the go-to ointment for anybody that suffers from headaches, cold and flu symptoms, congested nose, cough, cold and chest and throat stuffiness.

This ointment really is the best at relieving those issue and ultimately, that is what it is made for! But probably most people do not know that this ointment is even more versatile and can be used for many more other things.


Here are some popular methods and uses for VapoRub that will make some things easier for you and get a lot of benefits.

Keep Insects Away

Rub a little vaporub on your clothes and skin and the mosquitoes and any other bugs will stay away from you and the smell.

Treat Acne

The only thing you need to do is rub a little bit of vicks and vaporub on the acne and afflicted area and this ointment will dry out the acne and soothe the inflammation of the skin.

Sinus Headaches

Put a little vicks under your nose and on the temples in order to treat sinus headaches.

Treat Bruises

Combine a little bit of salt and vaporub and apply it onto the bruised area and this will help with the swelling and bruising.

Relieve Sore Muscles

Massaeg the sore muscles with vaporub and after that apply a warm and dry towel over it and repeat this 3 times a day.

Hydrate Your Skin

Believe it or not but vicks ointment can actually treat dry skin and hydrate your skin.

Tennis Elbow

The menthol and camphor can really help with the kind of discomfort that comes with tennis elbow.

Nail Fungi

You can easily treat toe or fingernail fungi with a little bit of vaporub on them. Put the socks over that and leave it to work and cut the nails in order to remove the contaminated part. You can also treat Athlete’s foot with vaporub.

Treat Cracked Heels

Apply some vaporub onto the soles of the feet and put the socks on. Sleep like this and let the vaporub work overnight. In the morning make a nice feet-soak and use a stone to exfoliate the skin. Apply a moisturizer and repeat this until the cracks are gone and the skin is softened.

Ease Blockage

Any blockage from flu or cold symptoms can be treated with some vicks on your chest and nose.

Feline’s Scratching

Avoid feline’s scratching by applying some vaporub onto the windows, walls and doors.

Quick Recovery

You can make an easy recovery from splinters, scratches and minor wounds by using vaporub. Just rub a little bit in order to prevent and kill infections of the wound.

Stretch Marks

Rub and massage some vaporub ointment onto the afflicted area by stretch marks and do this regularly and in just 2 weeks you will start noticing the results.

Eczema Free

Vaporub can ease the swelling and soothe the skin and inflammation. Just rub some onto the afflicted area.

Reek-free Racehorses

Applying some vaporub under the noses of race horses can repel them from the smell of female horses and make them more concentrated.

Stop Your Pet from Peeing

Rub a little bit of vaporub or open a bottle and place it on the places you want your pet to stop going.

Alleviate Earache

You can put some vaporub in your ear with the help of a cotton swab and you should feel relieve immediately.

Remove Warts

You can dry off the wart with regular apply of vaporub. Once you apply secure the area and leave it to work for a little bit.

Fat Burning Cream

Vaporub can promote and induce faster fat burning and can be used as a cream that can remove cellulite and firm up the afflicted tissue or anywhere you apply it. This ointment can reduce fat build-up and in order to get all the results you should combine it with a clean diet and exercise.

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