18 magical uses of Vaseline

You must have noticed it in many stores. You probably do not think anything about it, but Vaseline is a magical beauty product that you did not know you need. It’s not just about moisturizing the skin, actually this is great for even 18 alternative uses. See what it’s all about.

  1. Make up

If you have an old eye shadow, just add a little Vaseline in it and you will have a new lipstick! If you have a lipstick that you do not use, mix it with little Vaseline and get a creamy blush for your cheeks.


  1. Polishing the shoes

You have damaged your favorite boots? Do not worry. Just put some of this on the damaged place and they will become as new.


     3. Removing make up

Makeup removers can be expensive and rude for your skin. Vaseline is a cheap and gentle way to remove the make-up, and even the stubborn waterproof mascara.


4. Body peeling

Add a little sea salt or sugar in the Vaseline and you will get a wonderful body peeling. Not only will your skin be clean and fresh, but the vaseline will  moisturize it at the same time.


  1. Dye your hair … not the skin

If you are dying your hair at home then you know the pain when you paint another dye of your body instead of your hair. To solve this problem, apply medic to the hair line and your ears before painting.


  1. Maintenance of waistcoats

Applying a thin layer of your razor will keep you sharper for a long time. This will also help shaving to be gentle.


      7. Dry feet

Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your feet and put on socks before you lie down. It may sound awful to you, but your feet will be clean, moist and you will not recognize them in a few days.


       8. Assembling the cuticles

Apply little Vaseline to your cuticles and reduce pain. This treatment will also strengthen.

  1. The best manicure / pedicure

Apply little Vaseline to the skin around your nails before painting them. This will help you to lacquer only the nail, and not the skin around it.


  1. Longer perfume duration

The best way to “force” the perfume to last longer is to apply Vaseline to the places where you apply it.


  1. Keep fresh pumpkin lanterns fresh

If you want to make pumpkin lanterns for Halloween, put a little oil on the trimmed places and slow down the process of rotting.


  1. Prevent the shampoo from entering the eyes

This is really good for mothers. Apply little Vaseline over the baby’s eyebrows and will prevent the water from going to his face.


13. Hide the cracked hair tips

Sometimes it’s impossible to go to a hairdresser whenever necessary. When this happens, apply a little petroleum jelly to the cracked peaks to conceal them.


 14. Removing make-up from clothes

Just apply some Vaseline on the stain and rinse as usual.


15. Protect the wounds

When it was discovered, Vaseline was used to prevent infections of various wounds. It is not an antiseptic, but is like a wall between the wound and the batteries.


16. Removal of gum from hair

Apply medic around the chewing gum and the hair around it, and it will come out easily without damaging your hair.

17. Wax removal

When the candle wax drops on an area, you can remove it with Vaseline. Apply a little bit of Vaseline around the wax, leave some period to stand, then wipe.


18. Fixing small scratches

Apply little oil on the scaffolding of wooden furniture and allow it to stand for 24 hours. Then delete.


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