12 Things You Should Learn Before Shaving Down Below

Nowadays, it is very common for people to shave almost their entire bodies from head to toes. However, some still don’t shave their private parts. This is becoming a very popular trend among people which sometimes even hurt themselves while shaving down there. If you don’t follow the right methods, you increase your risk of health issues such as ingrown hair as well as other diseases. If you want to learn more about how you can protect yourself, read the following helpful tips.

 Shaving the private areas is very difficult

This is the first thing you need to be aware of. You have to be extra careful and also choose the right method for you. First of all, start by trimming the hair first and then shave.

2. Always shave after a shower

The hair softens after we take a shower making the shaving easier and more comfortable.

3. The skin down there is really sensitive

Another thing you should keep in mind. The skin in the private area is extremely sensitive and it requires proper care

4. Don’t shave the territories only

Instead of shaving only around your genitals, you should also clip the hairs around the stomach to achieve a uniform look.

Pubic hair has its own use

Pubic hair is actually very useful for our bodies because it prevents numerous diseases. However, this doesn’t mean you should let it grow wild.

6. Shaving is not always beneficial

Clipping the hair is actually better because shaving it entirely will expose your private parts to microbial threats.

7. Use baby wipes or cream to prevent rashes while shaving

This way you will protect the skin in case you cut yourself while shaving.

8. Don’t shave for others, shave for yourself

If the only reason you are shaving your private parts is because your partner wants you to, you shouldn’t feel like you are forced.

9. Shaving helps release pheromone

Pheromone gets trapped by pubic hair and shaving will help release it.

10. Styling should always be done

You should treat the pubic hair the same as you treat your hair. Trim them to improve their appearance and then condition them.

11. Shaving should be a routine

Try to get used to a shaving routine that includes your private parts.

12. Never use deodorant

If you want to remove the musky smell from your private parts use a powder or something more gentle for this skin. Deodorant is never a good choice so don’t even try it. It is not worth the pain.

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