10 Foods Made in China You Must Avoid( Filled With Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals)

The story about the fake Chinese rice made out of plastic is widely heard, but still no one does anything about it.


Consuming even the smallest amounts of plastic is devastating for our hormones and digestive system. The chemical in the plastic called BPA mimics the hormone estrogen, which skyrockets in our body when we ingest BPA. Consuming this fake rice means you are asking to die of breast cancer.

We are constantly hearing similar crazy Chinese innovations in terms of food.

However, there are lot of things to consider about it. First, it comes from the other side of the world so no one knows what has happened to it during the shipping, and if has been exposed to certain contamination.

And as if that’s not enough, Chinese companies are making it as cheap and fake as possible with the use of the same innovative methods used for the production of cheap toys, technology products, etc., and this is extremely dangerous.

We thought this is going way too far, so the one thing we could do was to do a research to inform you about the other Chinese foods which are toxic and fake, in order to avoid them.

1. Tilapia Fish

China commonly fish-farms tilapia. This type of fish is one of the unhealthy and most toxic fish that anyone can come across. They eat anything, and considering the fact that they live in small pool of waste water, it’s understandably one of the worst fish you can eat. Chinese sea-food farmers are said to forbid their kids to eat the sea food they farm, while the kids in America eat this type of fish whose origin is 80% Chinese.

2. Cod Fish

Another unhealthy Chinese fish-farmed type of fish which lives in its own waste. 50 percent of the current cod in America comes from China.

3. Chinese Apple Juice

Chinese apple juice constitutes 50% of the total apple juice sold in America. China still hasn’t started to address chemical or pesticide residue on foods, and they are the largest pesticide producing country. We recommend complete elimination of apple juice from your kids and yours diet.

4. Processed Mushrooms

Contaminated mushrooms from China were found by the US inspectors. Some Chinese manufacturers go to the extent of labeling the processed mushrooms as organic in order to have maximum profit. There are many Chinese “mystery mushrooms” which are 100% fake and you can see this if you do some research on Internet. Currently, 34 percent of the US mushrooms come from China. When buying this food, try to find their source, and choose local and real organic mushrooms.

5. Chinese Garlic

This is another contaminated food found by the US inspectors. Chinese garlic is abundantly sprayed with chemicals, and it leaves a chemical concoction aftertaste. Chinese garlic makes up 31% of the total garlic sold in America.

6. Chicken

The US Department of Agriculture has allowed the Chinese chicken sale in America in 2013. A lot of safety experts question the quality of these chickens, since food-borne illnesses and avian influenza are common in China. Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, China is the largest pesticide producing country and is furthered polluted by industry and mass production.

7. Plastic Rice

The fake rice from China is thought to be produced from a fake synthetic resin and potatoes. The plastic rice can’t be cooked like the normal rice so it stays hard. As we said in the beginning of this article, long-term effects of plastic rice are considered to cause cancer.

8. Mud (Sold As Black Pepper)

Believe it or not, but a Chinese vendor sells mud as black pepper, and flour as white pepper. The Chinese don’ pay proper attention on the food safety regulatory systems. America does have such standards but they are as well very low.

9. Industrial Salt

Although industrial salt is inadequate for consumption, still it has been sold as table salt for a period of 13 years. This type of salt can lead to physical and mental problems, reproductive system disorders, and hypothyroid problems.

10. Green Peas

One more crazy Chinese invention. These peas were discovered in 2005, but they might still be produced. Chinese manufacturers used soy beans, snow peas, green dye, and the chemical used as a preservative and bleach-sodium metabisulfite, in the production of the fake peas. The green dye used in this production is banned from usage since it is cancer-causing ingredient, and it impedes the natural ability of the body to absorb calcium. When boiled, the fake beans don’t soften and the water colored unnatural green. Therefore, you should avoid Chinese green peas.

Chinese food is regarded as one of the worst food on the planet. The food from this country is probably laced with pesticides, as China is the largest pesticide producing country, and one of the most polluted places on earth. The very air is toxic, 70 percent of the rivers are polluted, and the enormous product production leaves a lot of by-products and toxic elements as waste which are probably going to leak in the environment.

A new 2015 study shows that breathing the air in Beijing China damages lungs as much as smoking 40 cigarettes per day.

So how can you know if your garlic, apple juice, or mushrooms come from China? Well. It’s difficult to know, which is why we recommend purchasing locally from a well-known supplier or farmer. Do research, ask questions at your grocery or health food store, or just googled them on your phone while you are there.

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