10 Breakfast Foods that Cause Weight Gain

10 Breakfast Foods that Cause Weight GainDo you make smart food choices for breakfast? Although brealfast is the most important meal of the day and it shouldn’t be skipped, more and more people opt for unhealthy food options which on long term cause only damage to the overall health.

Here is a list of the 10 Foods you should skip for breakfast.

Orange Juice 

If you bought an orange juice from the store and you imagine its consumption will do good for your whole family, then you are wrong. Store bought oranges are loaded with sugar which consumed often will turn into fats which will further slow down metabolism. The best alternative is either a freshly sqeezed juice or an orange as in that way you take vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, in other words, you take fully advantage of the fruits and your body benefits a great deal.

Cake and Cookies

You want a cookie or two to keep you company while drinking the morning coffee? Well, cakes and cookies are bad for your stomach early in the morning so be careful when you consume them.

Fatty Foods

Eaing fatty foods such as fries  is not the best way to start the day. They pose a serious threat to your cardivascular disease andcontribute a great deal to extra pounds you neither want nor need.

Energy Bars

It might seem like an excellent idea, but those cereal bars are loaded with sugar and they can sometimes contain chocolate which had additional calories that your body must deal with in the morning.


Pancakes spread with nutella sounds like the best possible suggestion for breakfast, but it is far from being healthy. Choose your favorite type of muesli, chop some almonds, sprinkle some sesame seeds over it and there you go- meal that provides the essentail proteins for the day and keeps your energy level high.


If you need a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning, then at least make sure your are not drinking it with a lot of sugar or cream as that is considered as a calorie bomb you don’t want to go off in your stomach. No matter how delicous it is, keep in mind that those extra calories will just make your belly fat.


High in fat and salt, they are not healthy solution for meal in the morning and in the evening. Instead of biscuits and crackers, use your imagination and make your own snacks- apple chips sprinkled with cinnamon might be the perfect healthy choice you would indulge in.


Definitely the worst solution to start the day. By taking alcohol drinks first thing in the morning you do harm to your body. Instead of revitalizing itself, your body will have to eliminate the ingested toxins.

Fast Food

Not having enough time to prepare a meal or their inability to say ” no” to pizza and cheeseburger, makes people more and more addicted to fast food. Keep in mind that fast food is definitely the fastest way to gain weight and to develop unhealthy eating habits.


Either plain or chocolate-coated, donuts can often be found at the table for morning meal. It is better to avoid them as they are high in fats and are not a good choice for healthy eating habits.

Why don’t you make a fresh start of the day by taking breakfast composed of fresh fruits, homemade almond milk, freshly squeezed juice, lemon water or a bowl of muesli mixed with nuts, seeds or drained fruits ?

Next time you can’t resist the temptation to take a donut, think what is better- the taste of muffins or donuts or the feeling of welness when you feel healthy and full of energy ? Making healthy breakfast choice is the first step towards reaching your weight loss goals.

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