Powerful Juice that Kills Cancer Cells

Instead of taking highly expensive medications and going to chemotherapy, turn to nature and explore all the possibilities it offers in terms of anti-cancer treatment. More »

Incredible Juice that Lowers Blood Pressure

If you experience heart-related problems and have blood pressure that exceeds the limits, then this is an amazing and healthy alternative to help you lower high blood pressure without using any medications. More »

Really Amazing Drink that Burns Fat Quickly

Reduce Belly Fat Fast and Easy ! Here is the recipe that will completely change your body, reduce waist size, make you look attractive and feel special. More »

Amazing Juice for Instant Immunity Boost

Building stronger immunity involves protection against diseases and viruses, better health and much more natural potential for fighting off infections. More »

Ultimate Cancer-Fighting Drink

Yes, there is a natural way to completely protect yourself from cancer development and prevent the growth of cancer cells. All you need to do is to regularly consume this specially created cancer-fighting drink. More »


Is Diet-to-Go is the right plan to help you lose weight?

Dieters often struggle to change their eating habits when they start a new weight loss program. If you’ve tried to slim down by cooking healthier foods or eating less, you know how

What are calories and why do we count them?

A calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Calories in food provide energy in the form of heat so that

What Is the Schwarzbein Principle?

The Schwarzbein Principle is a health and eating program developed by Diana Schwarzbein, MD,  a California-based physician. The 5-step diet program promotes weight loss and well-being by addressing the connection between hormones

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

Are you curious about the Cabbage Soup Diet? This restrictive program has been popular among dieters for years. Some sources say you can lose more than ten pounds in a week. So

Popular Diets That Could Be Bad for You

Your friend lost weight on the Paleo diet. Your mom slimmed down on the Military Diet. Your sister is reaching her weight loss goals with the Wheat Belly and 13-day diet. Now it’s

9 Portion Size Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Do you think you are doing a good job of sticking to your healthy diet? You might be. But chances are good that you are eating too much of certain foods. Almost

The 3-day Plan to Use After Vacation or Before a Big Event

Are you looking for the best cleanse diet to change your body in a short amount of time? As a weight loss expert, I am often asked about the best cleanse, the

The Diet to Lower Blood Pressure and Lose Weight

Are you trying to lower blood pressure and lose weight? You’re not alone. High blood pressure affects over 65 million people in the United States. That’s about one in every three adults.

The Mushroom Diet to Lose Weight -this is the diet that celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne are using to lose weight in 14 days

Looking for the latest celebrity diet? Then you’ll love the M-Plan or the mushroom diet. According to countless fashion and gossip magazines, this is the diet that celebrities like Katy Perry and

5 Factor Diet Plan Details and Facts

The 5 Factor Diet is a weight loss program developed by fitness trainer Harley Pasternak with Myatt Murphy. According to the book authors, the diet plan has helped shaped some of the

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